Poker Theory Vs the Reality of the Game


Reality does not always jive with theory. This is also the same with the game of poker. The theory of poker that is taught and handed down from one poker generation to another may sometimes complement the reality that is being faced, or it may well be sometimes at odds with each other.

Seasoned poker players know exactly when they need to follow the theory and when they should simply trash it and follow their instincts and gut feel. Theories can be taught and any poker player can learn a great deal about it on the course of their poker life malaysia slot game.

However, a dangerous poker player knows the game exactly as it is but also acknowledges situations when they simply need to feel what is right about the game and how they should react to it. When you start playing poker, you will realize that some players are simply psychic and they can amaze their opponents by simply calling their opponent’s hands effortlessly. This is one skill that cannot be learned. It is something innate and you either have it or you don’t. There are really good players who knows how to mentally calculate and use match to figure the hands of their opponents as well as figure the odds to the last percentage point. Top players “feel” when they should make a bet or call a raise. This simply means that they have a winning hand. Others still are can easily detect weaknesses in other player’s hands and when they do, they can then create their own strategy to pull off. Obviously, these skills can be used to turn against another player by a more seasoned or skillful player. Others bet the hand weakly to trap other players.

Winning rush is a game that is played by very skillful players while others still would not recognize a rush even if it hit them in the face. A couple of years ago, there was a player who won the WSOP by riding a rush that lasted over three days. He played the game for what it was worth and he made hands on the draw that left the other players eating the dust that he left behind his trail. There was practically nothing that the other players can do about the winning player’s luck and the run of cards. In this kind of situation, poker theory is something crucial yet not important. The deciding factor was at odds with the theory. It was the reality that played firsthand.

Any seasoned poker player will know that they should use both theory and reality. This is the basic difference between an inexperienced player-he or she relies on luck, rather than skill or poker theory, to win his or her game. A new player should be well advised that learning the theory early in their poker career can have its own benefits eventually, lest they will only when they are lucky. You do not want to be at the mercy of luck.

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